Is Biden Too Old To Get The Nomination?

Trump has taken a jab at Former Vice President Joe Biden for being too old to become President on more than one occasion. However, it’s not just Trump that’s looking at the frontrunner for the DNC’s 2020 nomination, either. A lot of Democrats are concerned about Biden’s age, questioning whether it’s simply too old to take the seat at the White House.

An Age Comparison

Donald Trump received a significant amount of push-back on his age when he was elected. To date, he is the oldest to take the office of President. He was 70 years old when inaugurated. Joe Biden would be 78 at the time of inauguration if he was to win the election.

While we’re looking at ages, Bernie Sanders would be even older, being 79 at the time of inauguration.

It’s definitely a consideration simply because of health and overall capabilities. Should something happen to the President, it would be the person’s running mate that would, ultimately, be the one running the country.

Survey Says…

A lot of information came out of a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center. Approximately three percent of Democrats think that 70+ is the best age for a U.S. President. This rules out two people on the current list of those in the running: Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders. Further, polls show just the opposite as the two people who are leading the polls for the Democrats right now are Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

Most Democrats say that they don’t care what their nominee looks like. However, they would most likely be enthusiastic over a female of color. It was clear with the 2016 election that Democrats wanted to see a female president, which is why Hillary Clinton was the nominee for the DNC. Now, with Democrats adding a person of color to the mix as a desirable trait, that would put California Senator Kamala Harris in the lead. She would be 56, by the way, by the time she was sworn into office if securing not only the DNC nomination but also beating Trump on Election Day.

The Biggest Issue with Biden’s Age

Democrats are beginning to talk about Biden’s age and how it would affect the country if he were to become president. One of the reasons that questions are being asked is because of his vigor, or lack thereof. He has a light campaign schedule in comparison to many of his running mates. He is also looking to limit public exposure whenever he can.

It’s easy to see why Joe Biden is the clear front runner at this point in time. He has unparalleled experience in comparison to his counterparts.

Trump, who is about eight years younger than Biden, has frequently mentioned Biden’s lack of energy and stamina. There aren’t any Democrats who are willing to go that far, but it is a discussion that is happening in private chambers more and more often, according to various White House insiders.

Additionally, Biden has been very light on his platform, including a flip-flop on the Hyde amendment. People are beginning to question whether he is out of touch with party activists.

Another issue that many people don’t want to talk about is the fact that at the time Biden would take office, he would be two years older than the average life expectancy for a male in the U.S. This was brought up by David Axelrod, an advisor to Pres. Barack Obama.

Buttigieg, who is actually one of the younger hopefuls, has made a number of comments about the generational appeals. He wants to be the voice of a new generation. Buttigieg has taken a few subtle jabs at Biden’s age, especially with Buttigieg set to make history as being the youngest to take the presidential office, approximately three years younger than the previous youngest president, Theodore Roosevelt.

Biden has done what he can to answer the question of his age. He knows that he faces a significant amount of criticism and believes it is entirely legitimate. However, he points to his public performances and physical appearance. He tells people “just watch me.” Unfortunately, those who are watching him are also watching him use outdated cultural references and tell stories about Sen. is that he used to work with who are now long dead.

Age is likely a question that will be on everyone’s mind in the primaries. However, with Biden taking a strong lead over the other candidates at this point, people are going to have to question eight a lot harder in order to put someone else as the front runner.

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  3. Sad biden is the best the democrats have. Tim Conway could shuffle faster than biden…lol

  4. Old?, old?, Methuselah was old! …lol I’m not even a dumbocrat but that’s funny! Yes, plugs IS too old.

  5. Biden is exhibiting the signs of dementia his predecessor, the Clinton woman did during her campaign 4 years ago. He likewise will not make it through the rigors of the campaign without raising serious questions about his fitness for office, and will be hidden like HC was, to conceal the obvious.

    The “strong lead” the DNC would like you to believe Biden has over Trump is a polling paper fiction — the same stuff that awarded HC a sure coronation in 2016. Take it with an even larger boulder of salt than HCs “assured win.”

  6. No more old hanger on politicians, We need term limits. Biden is one of the many career politicians that never had a real job. He does not know how us working class people live and work. He is not the only one , many politicians are not concerned about us average people and have forgotten what it is like to be working class. look at all the gray haired politicians that are out of touch with us Americans because they have no idea on how to have common sense judgement on how they affect our future by their bad judgement caused by old brains that no nothing about common sense judgement. At age 65 they are billion aires and should step down and let young people make good solid judgement for us tax payers, that is why we will have no freedoms in the future of our goverment. Our future will be socialist communist goverment with no freedoms and the constitution long gone. This is not fiction and they want to destroy our freedoms. Thank You Jeff Shank

  7. Biden is too stupid to be president. The motherfucker has shit for brains.

  8. You are right I absolutely think he is to old.

  9. biden like hillary will shoot him self in the foot , and lose

  10. they are all a bunch of losers , sorry but its true! When you’ve had the best, hard to choose between the rest! Abortion, illegals, high taxes, corruption, poor military, poor trade deals, Thank God for President Trump. The best President since Reagan with far more challenges and he has surpassed all records with promises kept.

  11. Lack of brains won’t help Biden either.

  12. Biden is an old fart with shit for brains.

  13. I thought unelected Representative Nancy Palose was running there country. How old is she ?

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