Glenn Beck Poignantly Compares Abortion Debate to Nazi Propaganda

Last week, during an airing of his radio program, Glenn Beck poignantly compared the liberal stance that aborting babies who may have disabilities is the compassionate choice to make with pamphlets from Nazi Germany that pushed the same ideology.

To make his argument, Beck played a recent video clip of left-leaning CNN’s Alisyn Camerota interviewing Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill, Republican, about The Hoosier State’s proposed pro-life measure, which would ban abortions based on disability, race, or sex.

According to, Camerota remarked, “What I want to focus in on is … where Indiana had tried to block women from getting abortions if it were based on a disability. I’m just curious about that one. Why would you want a family to have a child with a severe disability?”

TheBlaze reported that Beck compared the CNN Host’s comments to two Nazi propaganda pamphlets he discovered.

Beck stated, “They’re both from Germany. And the first one is [about] children with disabilities. And it says, translated, ‘Sterilization is not a punishment, but liberation. What parents would like to wish their children such a horrible wish. Who wants to be guilty of this?’ That’s exactly what Alison was saying. Who wants to be guilty of this? Who wants to put the child or parent through this?”

Translating the second pamphlet, the conservative political Commentator said, “You also carry the burden. Someone with a disease will cost the average 50,000 Reich marks before he reaches 60 years.” The poster depicted a German worker holding up two disabled individuals. During the broadcast, Beck stated, “We’re going to find out that those with disabilities are the ones who are far greater than we are.”

In the interview with Camerota, Hill also made a compelling argument against aborting unborn babies who are believed to have disabilities. The Indiana Attorney General proclaimed, “Making a decision based solely on race or disability certainly is a discriminatory practice and no decision in terms of whether or not to have a child should be based on that solely.”

After making this statement, Camerota insisted she was confused by it. She maintained that numerous women choose abortion due to their babies having severe fetal abnormalities. The CNN Host inquired as to why The Hoosier State would take away that “choice.”

Hill contended that the proposed pro-life law wasn’t about removing a choice. Rather, it was about making a decision because a baby didn’t have a “particular characteristic.”

The Indiana Attorney General commented, “We have certain examples every day of children who appear to have disabilities or concerns or problems, prenatal, that are born and live very productive lives and families who support those children. It’s a matter of whether or not it’s appropriate to use that as the sole basis.”

Camerota fired back that she again wasn’t receiving an answer to her original question. So, she framed it by asking why The Hoosier State’s lawmakers would force families to “have a child with severe disabilities” including the rare chromosomal defects Trisomy 13 or Trisomy 18.

Camerota inquired, “That child will have so many problems and will most likely not live past their first birthday. Why would lawmakers force parents to bring that child to fruition?”

Hill replied, “The law does not address issues with respect to severe abnormalities that would make a child unviable. That’s not the point of this particular statute.”

Despite her bluster about the Indiana law that would prevent women from aborting babies based on a disability, the Daily Caller reported that she made slip-up during the interview, which she quickly corrected.

She reportedly used the word “children” to describe unborn babies before swiftly reversing course and referring to them as a “fetus.”

The CNN Host said, “Lots of families do have to make that decision based on the single characteristic of finding out that their children, that their fetus has a severe abnormality.”

The Daily Caller reported that the Indiana pro-life law “was struck down by a federal court last year. The Supreme Court declined to take up that part of the bill earlier this week but upheld another part of the law signed by then-Gov. Mike Pence, which requires the burial or cremation of fetal remains.”

During the sit-down with Camerota, Hill remained confident that the U.S. Supreme Court would have another look at a similar measure in the future.

The Indiana Attorney General said, “The reality is the court will look this matter over in the future. I think the door is now open and if states are paying attention, there is an avenue in which to move forward.”

Pro-life advocates can only hope Hill’s assertion is correct.

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  2. The Nazis banned abortion for healthy babies. Those with no hope of ever having any kind of meaningful life should be aborted.Those with hereditary diseases should be sterilised.

  3. I do not compare the communist a.k.a. Democrat party and the Nazis at all! The communist a.k.a. Democrat party is only 1000 times worse than the Nazis, yet they hide behind humanism as Hitler here behind the Jews to blame for Germanys problems,Shows the Democrats hide behind women rights to murder of the unborn for population control for the one world order billionaires. The Jewish people could’ve fought back against the Nazis these poor babies cannot fight back and the spineless who hide behind women’s rights know that which makes them 1000 times worse.

  4. It is tragic that in this age with all the achievements in technology that our society is so selfish, lazy, heartless and uncaring to murder unborn babies. They are being called dumb and stupid by the pro abortion groups. With all the products to prevent pregnancy for both men and women Baby Murder abortion should not be necessary. If they just want sex without love and having children than get fixed. We do it to animals and it should be required to do it to these people. Demand the medical industry developed a procedure that it can be reversed in case these people grow up. Women stop going to planned parenthood for you healthcare. Go to real Medical Doctors not butchers who vacuum you bodies to tear your baby apart and cause an agonizing horrible death. Women are dying with these procedures but you don’t hear about those complications. Go to real doctors like men do.

  5. According to her ILLOGIC all Dumbocrat/Socialists (Not Patriotc Democrats) would be “ABORTED” and then the Problem would be Solved !!!

  6. The Sixth Commandment is God’s PROHIBITION of killing an innocent person. Period. No matter HOW one spins it, a pre-born child is INNOCENT. Whether disabled, Black, “unintended” or having Down Syndrome. It doesn’t MATTER! This is why people are not to have intercourse outside of VALID, BLESSED MARRIAGE. God established such union of the two — man and woman — with HIM to ensure that the children conceived by the couple and given LIFE by God would be cherished and provided for. Sorry to have to tell you, but to fukk for pleasure only is paganistic. Not even ANIMALS do that: They’re doing it to create more animals like themselves. That’s what the “urge” is for: to make more like yourself. God intends it. Stopping that process is a violation against the direct purpose God intended of marriage and intercourse (which is a “perk” of being married). Until we “people” wise up and dedicate ourselves to DOING God’s WILL, this Earth, full of His people will continue to suffer horrible things. M.A.G.A.

  7. What you seem to be unaware of is that the first thing the Nazi’s did when they gained power was to outlaw abortions.

  8. Makes sense. Planned Parenthood did adopt a National Socialist German Workers’ Party program for it’s motto, Auswahlfreiheit. Auswahlfreiheit, the National Socialist German Workers’ Party’s program, was their abortion program. It translates to Freedom Of Choice.

  9. It’s not just abortions. Whatever comes out of the liberal commie Democrats mouths is propaganda, What Pravda is to Russia, CNN and MSNBC are to the liberal commie Democrats.

  10. Do these people advocate also for the birth anomaly of gender dysphoria be a cause to cease the pregnancy or when born , to refuse to keep these children alive?

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