Trump and London’s Mayor Go Head to Head

This week the President of the United States is in Great Britain on his first official visit to the country. It is no secret that many within the nation do not like the American President.

Trump has sparked a national controversy with some comments that he has made to some leaders of Great Britain.

Before the President was set to land he made mention that Boris Johnson would be a good choice for the nations next Prime Minister. It was also said that he does not really care for Meghan Markle and what she represents.

One person that the President has had issues within the recent past is the current Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

President Trump has written about the Mayor that he has, “done a terrible job … has been foolishly ‘nasty’ to the visiting President of the United States, by far the most important ally of the United Kingdom.”

He also said that the Mayor is a “stone cold loser who should focus on crime in London.” The President also stated that he was like the, “very dumb and incompetent Mayor of NYC, de Blasio.”

The President has also stated that he is looking forward to his visit and that he considers and enjoys himself of being a good friend to the British people and country.

The Mayor of London may have been the one that started the firestorm of opinions and remarks from the President.

Khan was noted as saying that “It’s un-British to roll out the red carpet for Donald Trump.” He really has not had anything nice to say to the President and has made it known that he does not like him.

Khan has a bad opinion of several key leaders around the world and sees what they represent as fascist and a danger to the world. The President is seen by Kahn as one of these people. He has noted that the ideals of the President are not very American and really do not represent what the United States stands for.

The President was the recipient of a royal salute as he headed to Buckingham Palace. It was there that he met up with the Queen and other members of the Royal Family.

One family member that was not in attendance was Meghan Markle. The President is scheduled to have lunch with many of the Royal Family and to privately meet with Prince Charles while he is visiting the country.

Many protesters are already set to take to the streets in protest of his visit. This happened a year back when the President visited the country and protesters took to the streets in disapproval of Trump’s arrival.

It can only stand to reason that the protesters do not like Trump because of the ideals that he stands for. His campaign promise was to make the nation of America great again and that has not been popular with the rest of the world.

It is time for the nation to focus on itself in order to stay strong and a good ally to those that rely on America for aid and help.

Mayor Khan and others have a message for Trump that reads, “Tomorrow’s protest against Donald Trump’s state visit is an opportunity to stand in solidarity with those he’s attacked in America, around the world and in our own country – just this morning, @SadiqKhan.”

Much of the protests will center around the disagreement of values that each person has against Trump and the White House. Kahn is a big supporter of many of the liberal freedoms that people seem to think to exist because they want them to exist.

He maintains that people should be able to live as they please and do what they want and when they want to do them. The problem with such a view is what happens when those ideals trample people and destroy them in the process.

The visit of the President to the British nation is highly debated. As he meets with each member of leadership one can only hope that something good comes out of each visit.

The President not only cares for the citizens of America, but he also cares from those living in Great Britain.

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  8. Khan, does not like President Trump because he does not go along with Khan’s agenda. I say “TOUGH”.

  9. Give me a break. The leader of the most powerful nation in the world attacking a mayor in a city of an ally? Really? Seems that this just shows more of the racist and small-mindedness of the sitting president (aka Pinocchio). He has created crisis after crisis around the world and he chooses to waste his energy …. at his age… on a mayor in another country. VOTE BLUE and end the LIES and the INSANITY!

  10. Being a muslim mayor, “He maintains that people should be able to live as they please and do what they want and when they want to do them.” That will likely stop once critical mass has been reached, especially when what they want to do, when they want to do it is to worship their Christian God. Or for woment to no be subjected to FGM, or for the woen to not be required to waear burka, or to keep their head covered, and the list goes on.
    Wake up, people! The very core of islam is to subvert and take over. NOT assimilate.


  12. One would think that Khan would concentrate more on being an effective Mayor of London instead of attacking President Trump as he continually does. London Is experiencing a ultra high crime rate and instead of Khan doing the job to which he was elected and concentrating on that he’s looking for the next microphone and camera that he can get in front of. Kahn is absolutely having a wonderful love affair with himself.

  13. I only know about Donald Trump and his uncouth statements that he has said about so many people, starting with many Americans. He has no clue when to keep his unwarranted comments to himself. What will bring faster responses from him is when others make correct, but unflattering comments about him. He’s like a punch drunk fighter who has to always get the last punch in. He’s antagonized so many of America’s allies that it’s unfathomable how he has deflated the respect that America once had on the world scene.


  15. Khan and Markle are two of the same , Both Trash And Dangerous ! Wake up Britain you’re going to loose you’re Country . Those dirtbags will continue to destroy your heritage and you won’t even notice your country one day very soon .

  16. Sadiq Khan is a muslim so what can you expect — in reality not much at all — they are only concerned about is killing Christians

    and nothing else matters to them. When they came across a person like the President of the USA they feel threatened by them and the only thing they can do is insult them instead of meeting them half way.

  17. Another words Kahn. He does not bow to your vision of a Mudslime world. Trump is wrong. You are worse then pig dung. And beyond a loser. Losers have a goal to climb out of the muck. take your worthless butt to the London bridge and jump. With a rope around your neck for the world to see.

  18. Why is the US sitting president (aka Pinocchio) picking a fight with the London Mayor? Why is he such a thin-skinned petty bigot? VOTE BLUE and end the EMBARRASSMENT, LIES and the INSANITY!

  19. “Conservative and Free?” Must mean free as in ‘not incarcerated’.. because Americans have never been less free. Look at all the laws that do not line up with the US Constitution / Bill of Rights aka the Supreme Law of the Land. Look at the corruption from both sides of the political isle. The so-called US Supreme Court gives its nod to Constitution subverting activities. We have a national debt of $22Trillion and growing. Zionists own and run the FED.. which, prints fiat money out of thin air.. lending it to the US Govt as vulgarly high interest aka usury. While giving “Israel” over $10M daily. While we have homeless and hungry Americans, including veterans.. by the millions. US government spies on its citizens. The whole Left-Right.. Democrat-Republican thing is purely window-dressing. Simply, two sides to the very same evil coin. And the list goes on and on and on. Hardly “free” IMO. Seems most Americans are delusional. Either unable or unwilling to overcome their indoctrination. But, that requires getting out of ones comfort-zone. ALL American citizens need to set aside our differences and come together as one. No matter who is at the helm (POTUS).. the USA Government is vastly corrupt. Not to mention, self-serving. Living in banquet off the American dole. This nation has way more issues than not. This message true.. with opinions based on truth.

    (Moderation of comments is censorship. Censorship is Communism. The 1st Amendment protects ones rights to free speech.)

  20. This is why Trump was elected , he tells it like it is truthful and honest not like most other politicians that speak with a forked tongue.

  21. That mayor in England is there to destroy England’s people and their way of life. The liberals there are too stupid to see he wants Muslims to take over England. Muslims come into a country and destroy it. Turn it in a crap hole, rape women and children. Kill gays. Women become slaves to disgusting unclean men. No thanks England you can keep these people who destroy your freedoms and country. Here in America we will fight to keep our freedoms and decency to the end. We won’t give up our guns to corrupt officials who want power over us . Why are people in every country trying to come there? We have the constitution for the people by people not some want to be dictator. Good luck England ,you need it.

  22. What do you expect from a POS. like Khan ?

  23. Donald Trump has to be the dumbest president we have ever had.

  24. This simpleton, Kahn, cannot or will not rein in crime in order to make London great again, and he wants to tell President Trump how to govern? WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?

  25. Nobody likes tRump here in the USA either.

  26. That mayor is nothing but a pig

  27. I humbly disagree with your conclusion. President Trump is the poorest example of a leader which this nation has ever had. From his own remarks he has proven himself as a liar, a conman, a thug and a narcistic, egomaniac that violated the Lindberg act by kidnapping 3,000 children and divorcing them from their parents. This black blot on our nation’s history can never be erased. On top of that he bathe the innocent children in tear gas. An act of in-humanity. Cruel and totally against God’s sacred Commandment to LOVE THY NEIGHBOR Tyrant Trump has the audacity to say all the immigrants are thieves , rapists, prostitutes and drug dealers. He should know as he probably has violated every act of human decency.
    I’m a World War ll veteran and he escaped the draft four times by paying a doctor to lie about his feet. He boasted he wouldn’t join the military yet we trust that collusionist with our enemy Russio to STEAL the election. Shouted from the roof tops he is a successful billionaire and refuses to show his income taxes which will prove he is the bankruptcy baron. The truth is he conned America and we are paying for it because our former allies see through his blustering baloney and aren’t afraid to stand up and tell the truth. The “truth” Trump never learned its meaning or never practiced it.

    He belongs in either a lunatic asylum or locked up in a jail in solitary confinement where he can’t influence our young people to act like a bull in a China shop. Even China wouldn’t want him . They prefer to see him ruin our democracy by dividing it with his hatred, discrimination,bigotry, racisim and fascistic obsession with becoming our Adolph Hitler. Perish forbid.

    May God Bless the Sadiq Khans wherever they may live to stand-up against evil. I wish our politician’s would have the courage to act like human beings instead of greedy pawns beiung maneuvered by the money which lines their pockets.

  28. Donald Trump has once again made a complete fool of himself and our country. He has made America look petty, vicious, untrustworthy, and a nation of wanna be fascists. Trump is viewed in England and in other civilized nations to be the court jester put into office by Vlad Putin. Russia has involved themselves in every powerful nation causing unrest, instability. Trump is a russian asset and so is Jared Kushner. This family is so corrupt, and unhinged they put us in danger every day. Fighting with our allies causing so much volatility in the world is not going to end well. Anyone who still supports Trump after the Mueller report, is either a cult figure, historically inept, doesn’t know history, and listens to Fox News. A propaganda channel spews lies, hiding facts putting out opinion not fact. God Bless Our Consitution and our Country.

  29. President Trump. You are doing a wonderful for our country. There is one thing I wish you would do and that is to stop using Twitter to bash other people. I love everything you do but that. It just lets other people angry and it serves no purpose. Forever your friend. Norita Seidl.

  30. If they are that far gone as a nation then let them go. I don’t believe the majority of the Brits are or they wouldnt be a Brexit movement. If they are sick and tired of this globalist / Marxist wave of take over then we are behind them

  31. The world is just concerned that their piggy bank is being threatened, I, for one, think it’s high time that we quit sending money to people that hate us. We didn’t take them to raise, contrary to popular opinion.

  32. Go PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Prince Harry is a spoiled little boy and puxxy whipped, and Camilla needs to explain to the world and to her Husband what her little “wink” meant.

    screw them.

  34. The London Mayor is a Muslim and support Sharia law across the land, He tramples upon
    the rights and freedoms of the British People and supports terrorist who attack and cause
    harm to others.

  35. Khan is just as his name implies! A khan job on the British of London with unknown supporters!!! Why in the hell did he get elected? I don’t get it!!!!

  36. The mayor is a Lowlife and the people there Better Vote him Out ! He’s poison to their country and Will Not look out for their best interests. I think one day soon Harry will realize he married a snake and she is Poisonous ! A true fema nazi who lacks any class just the same as the mayor ! We’re glad she’s there and not here !

  37. I have nothing good to say about our President, he is arrogant, racist, evil, con, fake human being. What right does he have to put someone down because he doesn’t like them. Megan I think is wonderful and a real person not fake like Trump

  38. The Mayor of London should tell to mind his own business, and work with his own country. Trump look like a fool in London, tell other people what to do, when he wont the American people to be dictated like in Russia. Maybe when he is kicked out of office he can go live in Russia with his family. This pig need to be in jail.

  39. Londoners must be eating paint chips to have elected that camel fart.

  40. Trump is very dangerous to our country and many others! He should learn to be diplomatic and not so crude,he feels he can say whatever he wants no matter what the Consequences! I really feel he is a destructive force for our country and its allies

  41. We like our President and First Lady. We are not a solicits nation and never intend to be. We need to clean house with those who disrespect American laws. Suggest deporting all of them.

  42. khan…mooslim scum, he will DESTROY LONDON just like the mooslim scum elected here in the U.S. will “TRY TO DO!!!”

  43. You lie, Mayor.
    You speak with a fork. And The newspape Lie never report the Truth. Trump is avery Good Leader and President. Shame on You

  44. Don’t expect anything else from the President
    he is absolutely right, Khan should mind his own business
    Also, I feel, that Khan is not working for the English
    he has his own agenda which is not difficult to figure out

  45. Of course the muslim mayor hates Trump – Trump will NOT let the fucking mussies take over America!!!!

  46. Sorry, no more political correctness.!

  47. President Trump is absolutely right. This great country of ours cannot and will be subject to blackmailing established by other country. We will support our President until countries realize that the American people stands by the President Trump all the way. The blackmailing days are over for them, and they better be aware that we now have in the White House a true President who does what he promises. This is why the American people elected President Trump, and will make sure he will be re-elected again in 2020. Never in my lifetime had a seen a U.S. president with such true desire to stand up to the American people, especially those who are suffering with the unfair trade policies imposed by other countries. The crooked politicians have allowed our workers to suffer for years and years, and it was time that we made our voices heard in 2016. We will do it again in 2020. The U.S. now has a new sheriff that fights for our values and principles, and if other countries don’t accept that, they will have the deal with new reality. We will no longer be duped by the socialist mindset that prevails in most country. Until these countries realize that the U.S. has had it, and change, the new U.S. will do what needs to be done.

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