Rex Tillerson Testifies Before The House Foreign Affairs Committee

Rex Tillerson, the former Secretary of State, testified before the House of Foreign Affairs Committee that President Trump was “out-prepared” by the Russian President Vladimir Putin while they held their first meeting in Germany.

He said this “put a U.S. leader at a disadvantage.”

A house committee aide stated, “We spent a lot of time in the conversation talking about how Putin seized every opportunity to push what he wanted.  There was a discrepancy in preparation, and it created an unequal footing.”

Tillerson testified for a closed meeting for seven hours with the committee concerning his remarks and what he knew of the meeting between President Trump and President Putin.

Since March 2018, Tillerson has publicly attacked President Trump due to him getting fired which was covered in drama.

The president countered those remarks with his statement, “I was perfectly prepared for my meetings with Vladimir Putin. We did very well at those meetings.”

The committee pounded question after question about the 2017 meeting between the two presidents in Hamburg since Tillerson was at the meeting.

The committee felt he had insight into the interaction between the two leaders.

Experts claimed the lack of preparation was not surprising, but it was taking a risk with Putin’s experience.

A Russian scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Andrew Weiss, stated, “Putin is a very nimble adversary who’s been at this for 20 years now.  The Hamburg meeting sounds like it was one of Putin’s wildest dreams: a freewheeling backroom-style conversation with a U.S. president.”

Some recall Trump’s statement when he met with Kim Jong Un, the North Korean leader last year, “I don’t think I have to prepare very much.  It’s about attitude, it’s about willingness to get things done. So this isn’t a question of preparation, it’s a question of whether or not people want it to happen, and we’ll know that very quickly.”

They all were quick to judge, but the fact is, no other president did this with North Korea before.  President Trump accomplished what no one else could do.

Tillerson stated he felt there could have been more the United States should have done to counter Russia.

A Republican committee aide was asked about Tillerson’s remarks, and he told the reporter,  “We believe Tillerson’s testimony best speaks for itself, and are hopeful that our Democrat Chairman will release the full transcript of the meeting to the public soon.”

Unlike public appearances, aides stated Tillerson held back from certain comments and was unable to answer some of the questions of value which was revealing his character.

He contradicted with an agreement he and the president shared, “We shared a common goal: to secure and advance America’s place in the world and to promote and protect American values.  Those American values — freedom, democracy, individual liberty, and human dignity — are the North Star that guided every action I took at the State Department.”

Tillerson made it clear they may share the same goal but not the same “value system.”

The committee asked him to explain the values Trump has.

Tillerson stated, “I cannot.”

A committee aide added, “Just as a matter of fact, he stated that he couldn’t or wouldn’t unpack the president’s values for us.”

President Trump added more comments and tweets recently about his new Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, “He is doing a great job, and he agrees with my values.  Such a positive difference.”

There were issues Tillerson could not figure out in times it came down to coordinating with the State Department.

This caused the dispute between the two men and ultimately led to Trump firing Tillerson and replacing him with Pompeo.

Trump responded recently in his final tweet about Tillerson, stating he was “as dumb as a rock and lazy as hell.”

Many of the original cabinet members which came in with President Trump’s administration has since been terminated or demoted.

It is clear the president is no politician.

Business has no friends and sometimes, some of those who have been terminated tend to hold grudges.

One can hope the committee can see the refrain of some of those questions being answered that Tillerson is not the best witness due to his termination.

He has proven this publicly through his verbal attacks while he was Secretary of State, after he was fired, and even now.

One can only hope in true “justice for all,” even if it is the President of the United States.

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  3. I believe mr tillerson. Even noe trump will say one thing and Pompey says something else. Trump contradicts his cabinet members often I just wish trump would not do that

  4. I have never gotten over my shock at Trump’s appointment of Rex Tillerson as SecState. Tillerson was (I believe) CEO of EXXON MOBIL. This joins him at the hip to the international bankster/globalist elite and positions this elite slug exactly where the Rockefeller/Rothschild cabal would want him. It is equally shocking that it took Trump so long to get rid of this elitist bum.

  5. Tillerson’s EGO was damaged when he was terminated so what else would one expect Tillerson to say (under oath or not). Tillerson is not going to praise the man who deflated his ego. Human nature!

  6. Tillerson was fired by Trump and the democrats think he is going to be a great person to talk to about everything Trump. Come on that makes no sense except to the democrats. An angry employee that got fired how can he be trusted to tell the truth he hates Trump. The democrats love these kind of people by the american public knows better.

  7. Blackmail right around the Corner Courtesy of the Democratic Cabal

  8. Tillerson sounds like a gentleman and a patriot to me. He and President Trump apparently had differences of opinion, but
    Secretary Tillerson didn’t let the bias interviewers put words in his mouth. His saying “I can not” does not necessarily
    mean “I will speak no evil.” It just means he doesn’t “get” President Trump. I don’t “get” him either – but –
    I do know he is a good president, and if he had just a smidgen of help from everyone, he could be a great president.

  9. Don’t let the door hit you, Rex

  10. It is too bad that Tillerson was ever appointed Secretary of State. He was completely out of his league. He was a disaster and the President was correct in firing him. Tillerson is just another disgruntled fired employee who is trying to “get back” to save face. He needs to go quietly into the night like a RESPECTABLE human being would. He is VERY LOW CLASS. GOOD RIDDANCE.

  11. How long has it been since Tillerson was in office, and the Dems claimed he was unqualified?!

  12. What’s the matter tillerson got your feelings hurt when trump let you go so now you are trying to score brownie points with the democracts. People like you are to stupid to do what is right democracts are laughing at your sorry ass. Once they are done with you they will throw you under the bus. Tillerson grow up you were a crook who had their hands in the cookie jar way to long so are some of you who still are

  13. It sounds more likely that Tillerson was much more unprepared than President Trump. Wilkerson just needs to think before he speaks

  14. The DEMONocrats are home-grown, self-radicalized ‘soft’ terrorists who are hoping that Tillerson will ‘talk trash’ about President Trump, the way Comey did. If he won’t, the DEMONocrats will somehow entice him with financial temptation. We’ll see Tillerson’s true colors.

  15. I am not sure that Tillerson can be trusted

  16. It would seem Tillerson might br treading on thin ice! He best leave and not come back! Maybe he should not have played God when he was serving the President! I understand that while he was at Exon he was treated that way but politics is a different setting!

  17. Tillerson is a back stabber and in my humble opinion, a liar. He didn’t do his job like he should have, so he was let go and now his sour grapes are showing up and getting sour and sour. Dems better be careful who and what they believe.

  18. Interesting. However, Rex was part of the “deep sate”. After two years as POTUS, Trump is close to getting his own team aboard … one who shares his values and hard work AND, gets the job done!!!!!!

  19. To quote Rex Tillerson, Trump is a fucking moron; I could not have said it better myself. Of course Mr. Tillerson left out many of the other invectives that are often used to describe President Trump, such as: totally unqualified for the job, a fucking liar, a self centered egomaniac, a sexist pig, a cheat, a crook, an immoral coward that looks out for his best interest before anything else, an adulterer, a bully, an uneducated oaf who has order under penalty of his rage that none of the schools he attended ever, under any circumstances release copies of his transcripts, a money launderer, a tax cheat who will use any means at his disposal ( as well as means not legally at his disposal ) to stop his tax returns hidden from public view. The question in the minds of rational minds across the globe is: Who and why would anyone outside of his dwindling base and the ultra rich who have benefitted mightily from his 2 trillion dollar tax reduction even think about supporting this loser amongst losers?

  20. Some of these guys just can’t gracefully fade away. No. They have to try and leach out an extra 15 minutes of fame. It’s pathetic to watch a sore loser p*ss and moan because he got taken off the team for not being able to compete. Take your ball and go home to the dims, they love your kind.

  21. This site claims to be, “Conservative” by whose standards? “With Friends Like You, President Trump Doesn’t Need Enemies!”

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