Hunter Biden Becomes a Target for Trump and Allies

President Trump is demanding investigations on his potential opponents for the upcoming election, and it has many wondering if he is abusing his power by using the Justice Department to gain re-election.

Hunter Biden is the key target at this point since former Vice President Joe Biden is not only Hunter’s father, but he is also the front runner in the Democratic Primaries.

The investigation consists of the business deals Hunter made with China.  There were also investigations with business deals Hunter made with Ukraine a few weeks ago.

Steve Hilton of Fox News interviewed the president and asked him point blank if he feels if the investigations should be pursued with the Biden’s’ financial ties to China.

To which the president replied, “One hundred percent — it’s a disgrace.”

The president also feels it is necessary to investigate the Clinton’s, the Democratic National Committee, and John Kerry.

There is massive criticism to keep the Justice Department separate from politics, and President Trump and Attorney General William P. Barr have both been under the gun of criticism.

Jack Goldsmith, who is a professor at Harvard Law School stated, “It’s a terrible breach of norms for the president to publicly advocate prosecutions of his opponents.

To date, his White House and Justice Department subordinates have basically ignored him. Trump has violated norms, but his executive branch officials thus far have not.”

Goldsmith continued in warning, “I do worry that the events of the last three years will make every high-profile Justice Department investigation seem crassly political to half the nation.”

Hunter Biden has been the target over his father because he is the one who initiated the business between the countries while Joe Biden was Vice President.

They feel Joe used his office as a stronghold to have his son conduct business.

Hunter was investigated for the dishonorable discharge from the Navy Reserve in 2014 due to cocaine use and testing positive, his entire business career which more roles crossed with his father’s political career.

He was also investigated while working as a credit card issuer out of Delaware at the Commerce Department when Bill Clinton was president.

Hunter was also a lobbyist for associations, universities, and companies.  It is the international businesses that spark the red flags for doing business with individuals the U.S. government is against and also its allies.

President Trump told Fox News about Hunter Biden and his partner Devon Archer had a fund which was reported to have pursued investments from the Chinese government which was owned by the Bank of China.

In 2013, the fund became public when Hunter and his daughter flew from Japan to China on Air Force Two.

Joe Biden was not only aware of the situation, but he was also on the Air Force Two.

The Biden’s’ and their lawyers state they were not involved and there is no evidence to support the claim, but Christopher Heinz was the mediator and warned Hunter’s business partner about Burisma and Ukraine not to get involved, but Archer did not listen.

Mr. Heinz cut off all ties with the Biden’s and Archer at that moment and had nothing to do with any of the claims against the Biden’s.

President Trump wants John Kerry investigated for breaking the Logan Act.

This act forbids citizens from interfering in diplomatic issues.  The president stated Kerry “told the Iranians not to call and told them what to do.”

Lastly, The DNC should be investigated as the president tweeted, “These were crimes committed by Crooked Hillary, the DNC, Dirty Cops and others!  INVESTIGATE THE INVESTIGATORS!”

Attorney General Barr made the statement before Congress, “We have to stop using the criminal justice process as a political weapon.”

Many of the Justice Department employees hoped he would stop this from happening, but when Barr was questioned, he said it was to defend the president.  It is funny how things are seen differently when “the shoe is on the other foot.”

Mark Rozell, who is a law professor at George Mason University, stated, “Trump and Barr are a dangerous combination.  The president doesn’t fundamentally understand the powerfully important role he plays in establishing the nature and operations of our constitutional system.  Future administrations will use what he has done to justify all kinds of behaviors and actions that were once unthinkable.”

The real thing they need to think about is what have they done to the president?

They are doing the exact same thing.

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  3. […] returned from China, Hunter’s private equity fund got a cool $1.5 billion from the Bank of China. DOJ investigations are warranted, said President Trump. Let’s see what’s hiding […]

  4. I have read this entire report. It is all about joe Biden and his father doing bad things but the article ends with (as always) President taking the fall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. That is awesome, they did it to him so turn about is fair play. Maybe he will find all kinds of trash on them like they MADE Up on him. Go Trump!

  6. Its Tit for tat what’s fair for goose is fair for the gender. How he gives them double want to see every DC Swamp creature flushed and drowned in courts and litigation just the way Our Great President Donald J. Trump has suffered and been unrelentingly harrassed. So be it. TRUMP 2020

  7. My understanding was that Barr was defending the OFFICE of President. The current President just happens to be the current beneficiary, but what about when he is no longer in that OFFICE? I am still struggling to learn what President Trump has done against our country. Just because you don’t like the man or don’t want to accept the 2016 election results, it doesn’t mean he has done anything wrong. I think it is interesting how the Democrats are claiming the current economy is due to Obama, however; the current racial divide is due to Trump. They pick and choose what benefits them. An investigation into Trump to find whatever they can is more politicized than an investigation in Hunter Biden’s activities. They need to stop crying foul when the shoe is o. the other foot.

  8. Yea, let’s have that investigation of the Biden’s, right after we reveal all the details of the Mueller investigation, the investigation of the Southern District of New York and the congressional investigations of Trump and put his sorry ass in jail along with Trump Jr., Kushner and the bimbo daughter, Ivanka.

  9. Follow the law, follow the truth, follow GOD’s will.

  10. whats good foe the goose is good for the gander. There is justification to Investigate all the people mentioned above, there for let it happen

    Stock up on your Ammo.

  11. What Biden and his son have done is absolutely nothing when compared to what Trump and his family have done together since he was elected; all of it either illegal, immoral, or both. We have never seen the likes of the corruption surrounding the Trump family in our politics. It is beyond disgusting and all of them belong in prison.

  12. It looks to me like the Democrats have opened a can of worms that they don’t want to be opened. The Democrats need to make sure they have a clean slate before they go after our President. The Biden’s and the Clintons have a past that won’t stand up to public scrutiny. . A lot of hidden pasts will come to light and it should.
    All shall be revealed at the end…………

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