Here’s Why Kate Smith Doesn’t Deserve to Be Erased from American History

For many Americans, the song “God Bless America” stirs strong feelings of patriotism.

This was especially the case after the horrific attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001.

According to Phillip Klein of the Washington Examiner, one way New Yorkers tried to restore normalcy to their lives after this tragic day in American history was to turn to their beloved baseball teams.

It was at this time that the Yankees began playing “God Bless America” at their games.

Regularly, the team played Kate Smith’s iconic 1939 recording of the tune.

Now, due to overreaching political correctness, the Yankees have suddenly quit playing Smith’s version.

The decision came after they discovered the singer recorded two songs containing racist lyrics in the 1930s. One of the songs, “Pickaninny Heaven,” was included in a 1933 film.

At the time, pickaninny was a known racially charged term.

The other tune, “That’s Why Darkies Were Born,” was written and recorded as a satire for racism by African American civil rights activist Paul Robeson.

In addition to the Yankees, the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team also banned Smith from being played at games. In fact, they even took things a drastic step further.

The team removed a statue of the late singer that was located outside of their arena.

Regarding the Smith debacle, David Marcus of The Federalist made an important observation.

When Smith recorded these two questionable songs, the Yankees, and the rest of Major League Baseball, prohibited worthy African American athletes from playing on their team.

Klein said, “But there’s something beyond hypocrisy. It’s the increasingly broad standards that the contemporary outrage culture is trying to establish.”

Klein maintained that Smith isn’t the first artist to be reevaluated based on modern standards of what is thought to be offensive.

However, he contended, “what’s different in this case is the transitive nature of the offense.

That is, Smith herself did not write any of the songs in question, nor are the racist lyrics the ones being celebrated. Instead, her entire 60-year singing career is being called into question on the basis of two songs she recorded in the 1930s.”

To make matters worse, before these lyrics were called into question, Smith was in no way considered a racist.

Actually, she was heralded for being a civil rights activist. According to Bill Spadea of New Jersey 101.5, Smith raised hundreds of millions of dollars for American troops and won the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Regarding the singer, Spadea remarked that “all historical evidence points to her having the courage to push back against a segregationist and discriminatory culture in the 1930’s.”

If people in the Untied States don’t fight back against out-of-bounds political correctness, they are putting everything held sacred at risk.

Klein revealed, “Charles Dickens is one of my favorite authors, but as somebody Jewish, whenever I read him I have to grapple with the fact that Oliver Twist features Fagin, arguably the most anti-Semitic character in the history of literature.”

He went on to say, “In case there was any doubt about his background, Dickens refers to Fagin as ‘the Jew’ literally hundreds of times throughout the novel.”

Klein aptly argued, “By the Kate Smith standard, we should not only be wary of Oliver Twist, but we should call all other works of Dickens into question — Great Expectations, A Tale of Two Cities, David Copperfield — and while you’re at it, you can cancel all performances of A Christmas Carol.”

For his part, Marcus contended, “If we must lose Smith — if her statues must be taken down, if her songs must be silenced — then how do we justify allowing modern players, including black players, to wear the uniform of a team that denied black Americans agency and Person-hood?

Any fair treatment of this situation would require that the Yankee pinstripes be retired right along side Smith.”

It’s certainly true that the two Smith songs in question have racist undertones.

But, it can’t be simply glossed over that one of those tunes was purposefully written satire penned by an African American man.

Klein correctly stated, “But as our standards evolve on race, gender, religion, ethnicity, and sexuality, we should think carefully of how broadly we want to apply those standards to artists who came before us. Otherwise, we risk erasing the past.”

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  5. I stopped watching NFL because of Krapperdick and his supporters.
    No longer watching NBA because of the champions refusal to visit Trump!
    I will now stop watching baseball because of the Yankees.
    The lack of patriotism is sickening!!!
    To HELL with all spoiled, overpaid, snowflake athletes.

  6. This is another outrage from the sick liberal crazy demoRats to continue to ruin what America stands for. Her statue should never have been removed. It’s a sick world we are living in and it’s got to stop.

  7. I have bed a Yankee fan since I knew what a baseball was. I will not attend or watch another Yankee game as long as I live!

  8. SCREW ALL you politically correct ASSHOLES… ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.

  9. It’s still the ongoing thought processes brought on by the ever racial Obama Empire and the Grade School minded liberals who worshiped him ! Political Correctness was the biggest joke ever forced upon the U. S. population and THANK GOD most of that silly crap is history !!

    Obama along with his weak minded liberal minions spread poison throughout our population capturing other weak and obviously under educated minds like herds of Lemmings running full bore from a cliffs edge. Sad

  10. We should not TRY TO ERASE KATE SMITH from our history, it is OUR HISTORY and not tor all the people here now from other countries. They should quit demanding for us to change things in our country to suit them, they wouldn’t do it for us in their countries. Just pure selfish childishness.

  11. Kate Smith a Great Lady sang the most Parotic Song ever sung. Those that want
    to shame her are NOT parotic Citizens and care less for out God given Nation.

  12. Appling todays PC so called standards to the early 1900s is absurd, and not to mention she did not even write the songs these morons on the left are stepping over a very dangerous line in my opinion. My opinion, to ALL fans of both teams to boycott all remaining games till history is restored, statue replaced, and song reinstated.

  13. Philly? the city of brotherly love,the liberty bell,patriots center,history that is the FLAG,GOD BLESS AMERICA; and i’m a past citizen?! w,t,f,! i stood on the art museum steps during the filming of rocky,i was there for the bicentennial,and the best looking woman on any east coast city; and i danced on dick Clark bandstand in 1962! no more 7th inning stretch with the playing of the NATIONAL ANTHEM? what! phillies people need too rediscover their place in history.reinstate the playing of the fat-lady, and the anthem! GOD BLESS AMERICA! build the wall! no sancquerry cities.

  14. Why are we destroying history and icons. They all should remain and new ones added, this is part of our history!

  15. I have been a Yankee Baseball fan for 50 years. I had every t-shirt since I was a kid. I decided to burn them all and will never support the yankees or any of their sponsors. “Kate Smith” IS America. No one has done more than Kate to honor America. “ God Bless America” is an extremely important part of Americana. I will never forgive the yankees for this. Everything now a days is either for illegal aliens or Muslims. It’s about time the American people take back OUR great country. KEEP AMERICA GREAT!

  16. The Kate Smith controversy–which should not be a controversy at all–is another example of the dysfunctional left that wants to destroy all elements of American History. Kate Smith, her lyrics of “God Bless America,” and her statue must be left in place. Those of us who function in the “real” world fully understand that some elements of history are unfavorable. Why is it ALWAYS the left that chooses to twist and turn history? Kate Smith’s contributions to America were outstanding and should always be noted.

  17. Trashing statues and erasing songs – recording artist performances – are futile repercussions of narrow-minded – naive – vulnerable individuals . History cannot be changed – it really happened – that makes it a “true part of History” – and “real History” stands as a “Testament” to “Truth and Reality” ! You can “burn down the church” – “trash the Cross” – “Christ really lived – walked the earth among humanity – He can never be eliminated from History” ! Kate Smith’s legacy will live on ! “God Bless America”

  18. yes should not be removie shame on them do that

  19. This is getting ridiculous!! I’m offended by people who kill babies in the womb and out! Planned parenthood offend me! The liberal media offends me! The mayor and governor of New York offend me! Ocasio, Tlaib, Omar offend me! Hillary, Obama and their deep state offend me! The whole demoncrat party offends me! The brain washing college professors offend me! The feminists who think they have a license to kill disgust me!! Let’s sensor, deport, impeach, arrest, fire from teaching and bring God back unto our country and our schools!!!

  20. I loved and still love Kate Smith and she was anything but a racist. Our history is what it is and you can’t change what has already happened. Kate isn’t the only one that sang songs that today might be called racist. However, a percentage of people today go overboard on politically correctness and I’m am tired of it.

  21. “We risk erasing the past” . No truer words can be stated. The is exactly what the remorse and their progressive cohorts are going after and it is already happening. History books are no longer speaking about WWII and the Holocost. All part of the dumbing down of our great society. Kids are being taught to accept “garbage” about the past that is a pack of lies and even worse when the enter college. America, time to take a stand.

  22. Our society is being influenced by Mao Tse Tung revisionism and PC ignorance by those who wish to use the uninformed as useful idiots to usurp traditions and history….

  23. I have to agree with you, you can’t erase the pass from the future just because it has been corrected/ updated for the present time. Just as you mentioned in you article blacks were not allowed to participate in sports because of their skin color, so are we suppose to erase “ALL SPORTS FROM EXISTENCE “ because of it. “NO!!!”, We move on to make things better for the future of everybody. This is a great nation and we had to learn from our pass to make our future better for everybody in our great nation. Remember, we learn and grow from our mistakes that’s what makes this a great nation. Kate Smith’s song “God Bless America” is a part of our “History” of our great nation growing up to the nation we are today and the future.

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