Kamala Harris Introduces Dangerous Bill To Allow Illegals In Congress

While most of the left is drumming up ghost stories about the Mueller report, some Democrats are working hard at undermining the next election. You can forget about what Don Lemon’s barber’s cousin heard from an investigator on the Mueller team for a minute.

Instead, you need to pay attention to Kamala Harris’s latest bill.

It’s not enough that her state has already allowed illegal immigrants to vote in elections. She isn’t satisfied that her party actually conspired with foreign agents to undermine the 2016 election. No, she wants to make sure that illegal immigration is rewarded as richly as possible.

She wants actual illegal immigrants working on Capitol Hill.

The American Dream Employment Act

Before we get into the arguments against the bill, let’s break down what it says. Harris recently unveiled the “American Dream Employment Act” to the rest of Congress.

The bill would change employment rules on Capitol Hill to allow “dreamers” to work in Congressional offices.

To clarify, under current rules, only American citizens and permanent residents who have declared intent to become citizens can be on payroll for a Congressional office.

That means that so-called dreamers can volunteer, but they can’t be paid. It’s important to understand that this bill only affects dreamers. All legal immigrants to the country who aren’t on a track to citizenship are left out of her new law entirely.

For whatever reason, she seems to believe that DACA recipients are more qualified to work in Congress than legal residents.

The Current State of DACA

Obviously, this is as much a political stunt as an attempt to actually change the rules. She knows she’s one of the more visible Democratic candidates for 2020 at this point, and she knows that immigration is the hot-button issue right now. She made this proposal specifically to pick a fight, and she doesn’t care about scorning tens of millions of Americans in the process.

As you likely know, DACA is in a weird limbo right now. President Trump rightly ended the illegal program over a year ago.

Since then, Congress has allowed it to exist without giving it any formal structure. It’s a perfect example of how our broken government absolutely refuses to address the immigration crisis.

Regardless, Kamala Harris is using this bill to shove DACA back into the limelight and try to advance protections for illegal immigrants in this country.

The Ulterior Motive

You don’t need a degree in gender studies to see what this is really about. Harris and her supporters are using this as a leveraging point. Assuming they could push the American Dream Employment Act through, it’s a single step on a long road. The goal isn’t to try and protect DACA recipients by giving them government jobs.

Instead, it’s an attempt to wedge them past the existing immigration system. They want to say, “If they can work for Congress, why can’t they be citizens?”

Nothing about this is clever or unpredictable, but it remains a dangerous move. As always, the Democrats’ real goal is to naturalize as many illegal immigrants as possible. They have never cared that it’s an unsustainable approach to border security.

They’ve frequently ignored the massive humanitarian crisis that comes hand-in-hand with this tactic. All they care about is securing more votes to increase their power, and the easiest and fastest way to do that is to get illegal immigrants to the polls.

Once more for anyone who isn’t angry yet. Kamala Harris is trying to change the law to allow illegal immigrants to work in Congress. She wants foreign powers to have direct access to the inner workings of our federal government.

She wants them to have keys and security clearances to our most important secrets.

She doesn’t care about the massive issues this will cause. She doesn’t care that it’s a slap in the face to everyone who actually immigrated the right way.

What she wants is to score political points by doing whatever she thinks will upset the Republican base the most, and she wants to undermine the integrity of our elections by pushing illegal immigrants farther and farther towards naturalization.

The Democrats failed to rig the last election. Afterwards, they failed to pin attempted meddling on Republicans. Now, they won’t hold back.

You can expect 2020 to be attacked through every avenue possible. This bill isn’t a threat; it’s a promise. If we don’t work to secure our elections, they’ll be handed to foreign countries on a platter.

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