Impact Of Pro-Life Film “Unplanned” Has Abortion Supporters Sobbing

In its opening weekend, the pro-life film “Unplanned” was able to bring in $6.1 million at the box office, outpacing even the most optimistic expectations for the movie. “Unplanned” is based on the real life and career of former Planned Parenthood clinic director turned pro-life activist Abby Johnson. After witnessing a late-term abortion first-hand and coming to grips with the fact that Planned Parenthood is a money-focused organization that profits mostly from abortion, Abby decided that she could no longer support the cause.

“Unplanned” is a raw and gritty film that makes no attempt to gloss over the harsh realities of Planned Parenthood and the abortions that they perform. In fact, its sequences showing the brutal dismemberment of children in the womb and the grisly aftermath of abortions earned it an R rating from the Classification and Ratings Administration.

The film isn’t all that preachy and heavy-handed like many would expect it to be. Instead, it simply pulls back the curtain on what abortion really looks like and forces the audience to justify their viewpoints on abortion for themselves after seeing first-hand just how vile and unsettling it really is. So far, this tactical approach to abortion awareness is having a big impact.

While many leftist media outlets were quick to attack the film – out of obligation to their politics more than anything else – there were other leftist journalists who viewed the film with a more open mind and provided their audience with a more honest evaluation of the effect that it had on them.

These pro-abortion journalists described seeing the realities of abortion for the first time and how deeply uncomfortable it made them feel. They described how the film forced them to consider the fact that unborn babies are human beings and how the film forced them to justify their own views on abortion in light of this fact. For those who watched the film with an open mind, “Unplanned” was a gripping, emotional, and often deeply disturbing experience.

Those who support abortion prefer to speak of it in very cold and clinical terms. The children being aborted are referred to as “fetuses” rather than human beings. The limbs and organs that are removed after an abortion are called “products of conception” – an undescriptive and calculated term that in no way reflects the grisly reality. Instead of arguing about whether an unborn baby is a human life, those who support abortion prefer to focus on talking points such as body autonomy and “the right to choose”.

In other words, it isn’t often that pro-abortion activists view abortion in the same light as pro-life activists. “Unplanned”, however, forces these people to see abortion in an entirely new way – a way that many have never viewed it before.

At the same time that “Unplanned” is forcing viewers to witness the grisly, uncomfortable reality of abortion, it forces them to witness the grisly, uncomfortable reality of Planned Parenthood as well. In her memoir and in the film, Abby Johnson describes Planned Parenthood as being like any other organization that is primarily focused on profits. In the case of Planned Parenthood, though, these profits come primarily from abortion procedures.

Despite what they may say, Planned Parenthood is no more interested in decreasing the number of abortions that they perform than Ford is in decreasing the number of cars that they sell. At the bottom, Planned Parenthood is comprised mostly of well-meaning people who are dedicated to helping the women in their area – and this is a truth that “Unplanned” makes very evident.

At the top, though, Planned Parenthood is lead by people who are interested only in growing the organization’s profits – which means performing as many abortions as possible. For many abortion supporters, seeing Planned Parenthood as a greedy, for-profit organization rather than a place of compassion is just as moving as seeing the gory realities of abortion itself.

Whether or not “Unplanned” will have a major impact on our society is something that is yet to be seen. However, it’s certainly a step in the right direction. There is a significant disconnect between how pro-life and pro-abortion activists view abortion.

“Unplanned”, however, presents abortion in a way that most pro-abortion individuals have never seen it before. As people all over the country continue to watch the film, many are leaving the theater with an entirely new perspective on what abortion really is.

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